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Otto Anstan is a human from the Neptunian System. He works at the Interstellar Departure Port (IDP) and has the role of giving keys for interstellar warp drive spaceships.


Otto Anstan was born in 2591 and grew up on a Triton colony. Somewhen in his late twenties, he got married, and in 2624-2625 he had his first daughter. He worked at the Interstellar Departure Port along with Ov'sane, a gorilla that acts as a bodyguard.

It is said that he survived an assasination attempt from a Fortean named Khasjwophiiv Esjehr, however, the latter was arrested and sent to Pluto Jail.

When Kasar Musk bought the materials for an interstellar spaceship and built it, he brought it to the IDP and gave the key to Anstan. On the night on the 13th of February, Musk requested the key to his shaceship for him and Eduard Kubikov, which was located in sector 3K32.

Personality and Traits[]

Anstan is described as a no-exception guard. He is one of the toughest members of the local crew. His priorities are work and money.

Despite his seemingly scary look, he is forgiving, as he refused to give Esjehr, who tried to kill him, death penalty, instead sending him to jail on Pluto.

Behind the Scenes[]

The name Otto comes from the Germanic aud, which means "wealthy" or "rich".

Otto was made as a character which is supposed to have a hard accent, which then lead to his personality being made according.