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Lythra Musk (née Elgenubi) is a human from the Saturnian System.


Lythra Elgenubi was born on Titan on the 27th of September of 2582. She grew up on both Titan and Iapetus. Somewhen at the start of 2615 she married astrophysicist Kasar Musk.

Later in 2615 she had a son with Musk, named Drake. She still researched in microbiology and nanotechnology, but had to do it from home to take care of Drake in his first years.

When she heard about Kasar flying off to an unknown system, she told him to explain that to Drake for himself, being very worried, something that almost never happened to her.

Lythra has met Eduard Kubikov multiple times, although it is unknown when.

Personality and Traits[]

As stated above, Lythra is almost always very calm and concentrated. She is a caring person in regard to her husband, which he says "balances him out". She also seems to have a sense of humor, just like Kasar, even though hers is more accessible and general, as opposed to Kasar's sense of humor, much more specific and centered.

Kasar describes their long-term relationship as something that becomes more predictable each time, which he doesn't show to like that much after all.

Behind the Scenes[]

Lythra's character was created to balance out the boiling personalities of the two protagonists. It is described as a similar-opposite to Kasar, which in the author's opinion makes them a good couple.

Lythra's surname, Elgenubi, means "southern", which implies that she or her ancestors came from the southren hemisphere of Titan.