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Kasar Musk is a human from the Saturnian System. He is a leading astrophysicist at the Brown Observatory, on Titan.


Kasar Musk was born in a rich family as a descendant of Emperor Kyle Musk Of Mars, on the 7th of April, 2582 (Herte Time). He began his astrophysics studies in the early 27th century. He married Lythra Musk and had one son, Drake Musk in 2615. On the 9th of February 2627, Musk discovered a planet with a high Earth Similarity Index and a 64 percent chance of hosting multicellular life. Fellow colleague Eduard Kubikov, a Jovian human, found the planet possible to reach by warp drive, so the two chose to explore the planet personally. Musk contacted an old alien friend named Ha Tji M Wa R Da Hji, an Encephalopod from the distant planet known as Baltus. He requested some universal translators, which were the species' specialty, to be sent via warp drive in the Solar System, for them to arrive at midnight of 11/02. The Departure happened on the 12th of February, when Kubikov used his interplanetary spaceship to fly to Triton, in the Neptunian System. There, the guard and key keeper Otto Anstan gave the keys to Musk's interstellar warp drive spaceship, which would fly to the planet nicknamed Shataran.

Personality and Traits[]

Musk is an explorer of space, following his ancestors' tradition. As a kid, he dreamed to become an explorer of pulsars, but later he understood that he wants to become a planetologist, and study exoplanets. Musk is a quick logical thinker, but still likes the company of more outgoing friends, mostly intellectuals. Despite his nature, he cares about being able to return home, especially for the sake of his son Drake. Sometimes, Musk is arrogant and doesn't accept humor about himself or his ancestry.


As stated above, Kasar Musk has quick logical thinking, as well as advanced astrophysics knowledge and physico-mathemathical skills.

Behind the Scenes[]

Kasar Musk's character was created as one of the possible real-life successors of Elon Musk and his son with Grimes, X-Æ A-Xii (pronunced "Kyle"), which is the base real-world counterpart of the Emperor of Mars.The name Kasar is a play on Caesar (futurized), one of the last Roman Consuls.