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Hachimwardahshi (also Hatjimwardahji) is an Encephalopod from the oceanic planet known as Baltus by Humans.


Hachimwardahshi hatched along with other Encephalopods in the Dongbuzenytihav, a sea on Baltus. He was interested in alphabetical languages and accents.

In what is the Solar System's 25th century, a warp-drive probe was sent from the planet towards the aforementioned system. It included a translation of various Encephalopod sounds. After a contact was established, Hachimwardahshi contacted a fellow Human named Kasar Musk. Hachim's excellent memory allowed him to memorize some main Human languages, which made communication possible.

Personality and Traits[]

Just like many Encephalopods, Hachim is a perfectionist by human standards, due to having learned the language by memory.