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Encephalopods (Lolligo Balticum) are species from a planet known by Humans as Baltus. They resemble Earth molluscs and have high intelligence.



Encephalopods evolved in the deep seas of Baltus, and never exited to the surface. The cause is that the continents of the planet are often hit by asteroids in the nearby asteroid belt. The species adapted to high pressure and mastered fast swimming, and even made some advanced research, such as discovering metals (which are a rare resource on the planet) and electricity being conducted by water, thing that allowed the creation of professional computer systems. Despite being very advanced, they never actually explored space themselves, as they never left water to explore the surface. They created FTL probes using warp drive which could contain no lifeforms.


Encephalopods have dual hearts to get the needed energy to their massive nine brains. They have an excellent photographic memory comparable to that of a chimpanzee, and brains with storage system of 18 petabytes. The species has three types of tentacles: two decorative, two prehensile and four movemental. The average lifespan of an Encephalopod is of 90 Earth years.


Encephalopodes have two genders just like humans, which means they can be considered male and female as well, even though the function is slightly different.


Known Encephalopods[]