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Eduard Kubikov is a human living in the Saturnian System. He is a supporting astrophysicist at the Brown Observatory and the closest colleague to Kasar Musk.


Eduard Kubikov was born on Ganymede in the Jovian System on the 14th of February, 2597. Somewhere in the 2610's, he left his home and parents, as he had a hard relationship with them at the time. At some point, he started working at the Brown Observatory on Titan as a supporting astrophysicist. He lived in a small flat with only five rooms, although he had a dirigible. When he randomly entered Musk's observatory while he was looking at the newly-recieved data, he found out that Musk discovered a potentially habitable planet. He decided to take him to Triton so the latter could depart using his interstellar warp drive spaceship. On his dirigible, he asked his personal robot Gadget to calculate the required speed to get to the Neptunian System, which Kubikov could afford.

He then flew himself and Musk to the IDP on Triton, then they ate at the Protei restaurant and went to Otto Anstan's office, where the latter gave them the keys to Kasar Musk's interstar.

Personality and Traits[]

Kubikov is an introvert who doesn't like going on dates and big social events, hence why he decided to stay single for life. Even though he is able to socialize without problems, he prefers not to.

Kubikov has a good relationship with his personal robot, Gadget. He programmed it himself when he was 22.

Kubikov has had a very hard relationship with his parents, for they were hyperprotective when he was a teenager. During his childhood he liked it, but later he developed a sense of indipendence. This is what made the first conflicts start. He decided ot leave his parents and fly to the Saturnian System when he was 19.

Behind the Scenes[]

Eduard's name is a play on Eduard Tsiolkovsky, the father of Konstantin Tsiolkovsky - the scientist who first thought about the concept of rockets.

Eduard Kubikov's character is heavily based on the author, to the point he considers the character an alter-ego.