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Baltus (Bältuse) is an hot oceanic exoplanet located 194 light-years away from the Solar System.


Baltus was precovered a long time ago in the middle 21st century by Humans.

Life on this planet was discovered when an alien probe was sent toward the Solar System from that direction. Communication was established. The planet's deep oceans have a temperature of 305 K at 50 km under the sea level, while the surface is a boiling ocean with occasional sand islands. The planet orbits near a chaotic asteroid belt, reason why impacts are common. Luckily, there is no life on the surface, and all the living species such as Encephalopods and smaller molluscs live deep under the water, where the temperature is habitable.

Known Locations[]

Dongbuzenytihav (Ha Tji M's home ocean)

Known Inhabitants[]

Ha Tji M Wa R Da Hji